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EndoPro PAA — Process Chemistry

Enhance Patient and User Safety


Play it safe. Each component of the three-component EndoPro PAA process chemistry is provided in a 4.5-liter canister. Each canister is completely sealed and mechanically coded. There is no chance for mistakes. The formulation has advanced-efficacy characteristics when compared to its predecessors.

  • Outstanding cleaning efficacy with EndoDet Pro.
  • Effective disinfection with EndoDis Pro and EndoAct Pro.
  • EndoDis Pro and EndoAct Pro with capacity for more reprocessing cycles.
  • No intermediate rinsing between cleaning and disinfection stage needed.
  • Unique lock-and-key connection mechanism of all canisters provides a high level of handling safety for the operator.
  • No risk of wrong placement, thanks to mechanical canister coding.
  • Compliant with all relevant European standards.

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